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How To Use

This Tutorial focuses on how to effectively use Roulette Bot Plus.
Please, follow these easy steps.


Return to the Roulette Bot Plus software and click "Play Now".


Open the Roulette Bot Plus Application. Select the currency you wish to play with.

Note the arrows:
  1. You can configure the starting bet of the Roulette Bot Plus.
  2. You can manually deactivate specific bets.
If you would like to configure the whole betting pattern of Roulette Bot Plus, please switch to "Advanced mode". Otherwise simply click "Start Game".


If you choose the Advanced Mode, you will notice the "On/Off" Check boxes (below the "Advanced mode"), that were explained in the previous step.
Next to the "On/Off" selection you will find the "Bet Type" list (marked in double red). This list displays all the different kinds of bet types that Roulette Bot Plus will analyze and bet on.

The third column indicates the Threshold, which is a wager strategy for Roulette Bot Plus. Roulette Bot Plus will increase its bet based on the Wager Sequence in accordance with an increase in the threshold.

Please watch this Video for further details: Mode Select Video

Please note the Roulette Bot Plus simultaneously calculates all the Bet Types.


If you want to change the betting threshold, click on the selected bet type row.
Note the arrows.
  1. If you would like to change the Customized wager sequence, please mark check box on the left. Here you can control the sequence and size of your bets.
  2. Here you can change and control the betting threshold.
  3. Here you can change the starting bet. You can choose starting bets up to $10.


Before you start playing..
  1. Action History window: you can monitor all of Roulette Bot Plus's actions. On the left side of the window (spin) you have all the spin numbers, from the first round to the last. At the center of the window - Description - you have the description with regards to the bet action. For example: whether Roulette Bot Plus made a bet, and if so at which amount. The right side shows you whether you won or lost.
  2. Result History window: Here you can follow the results of all the bets and rounds, and see how big the win was.
  3. Analysis window: Finally, in window number 3 you have all the statistics and analysis information about your process. You can select the most important analysis for you and follow your sequences!


Now all you need to do is press "Play" and Roulette Bot Plus will make the magic happen!
Enjoy, and please do not forget to donate once you are satisfied with Roulette Bot Plus.

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