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Roulette Bot: what is it?

A bot is basically a software for roulette, running on your local machine, which is able to play alone for hours by choosing the proper strategy and never making a single mistake.
Usually called Roulette Bot (or gambling robot), it can play and place bets for hours. It does not get tired, no mistakes, and plays like a pro gambler.

It 's a way to automate roulette strategies, especially those techniques which are considered "low risk", such as: Dozen, Half Dozen, Red / Black Switch, Martingale.

The roulette softwares called "bots" are able to directly interact with the graphical interface (GUI) of the online casino's platforms with no human intervention, making the bets for you according to the chosen system (more than one simultaneously, if you wish).

Let's make an assumption: while thinking about how to beat roulette, an effective way to increase your chances of winning is using betting strategies with low risk of failure (low-risk systems). Many of these strategies are based on the delay of an event according to its theoretical, probabilistic, occurrence (a.k.a. "dormant numbers" strategy). In example, you bet on a color (red or black) which is not hit for at least "N" times in a row; in this situation it is clear that the larger is "N", the greater are the chances of victory.

The downside is that low-risk systems require a long period of time to win small amounts compared to other more aggressive (and risky) systems: an automatic roulette bot fits in this context, by allowing a user to develop automatic low-risk winning strategies as if he was manually playing for hours and hours.

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