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About Us

This is how Roulette Bot Plus stopped being just another casino Add-In, and became a way of life.

We are a group of about 9 experienced developers. Not so long ago, we were busy spending our time working way too hard on completely different projects, or simply trying to make easy money from the World Wide Web. The one thing in common was that we all were constantly trying to beat the casinos, and especially while playing roulette.

When we found out what we have in common, we joined forces, and developed this amazing tool.  We soon realized that our winning formula could become a popular online tool since it doesn’t cost us anything to share our success. Our users win easy money that is taken directly from the online casinos. We don’t lose when you win!

Today we are making a decent living from donations that we receive from our dedicated users. We can allow ourselves to focus on producing a range of new, free, and automated tools. Our goal is to help people win money online so we pretty much focus on doing what we really like most.

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Roulette Bot Plus V.2 Advanced Tutorial
Mode Selection Advanced Techniques / Application Interface Introduction & Basics of Roulette

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Roulette Bot Plus FULL SESSION / £106 won in 17 min
Roulette Bot Plus playing and winning £106. Check it out!

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